Dec 25, 2013

My Butterfly Labs experience and review

Back in May when I first started getting involved with the Bitcoin community I decided to give it a shot and buy some mining hardware, so I ordered 2 Jalapenos from Butterfly Labs. They were supposed to arrive at my door by the end of July. The total came out to be around 5 BTC, so it wasn't that bad and I hoped for some return. Oh how wrong I was...

My order did not arrive on time. I emailed them some time in August and they just told me that I have to wait and I should follow a blog where they post their shipment status. Late November I was fed up with waiting so I emailed them asking to cancel my order and refund me my money. 3 weeks later I receive an email saying my order has been shipped. I was really pissed at this point, because difficulty went up so much it was pointless to even bother with the Jalapenos. One week later they responded to my email from a month before saying they don't do refunds. I no longer cared for their hardware at that point so I just thanked them for their excellent customer support and informed them I will never do business with them again.

Anyways, my Jalapenos took a week or two to clear the customs. I had to pay VAT and duty on them, which were higher than what I expected them to mine within the next months. After less than 2 weeks of mining one of them broke already and all it does is blowing my fuses. That's pretty bad quality.

So now I'm left with 6 GH/s for which I paid 5 BTC. Those 6 GH/s mine 77 mBTC per month. To get my money back I'd need to mine for 65 months assuming difficulty would stay the same.
I regret I even paid the customs fees, I should have just rejected the package and get it sent back to Butterfly Labs.

This is my word of warning for you, I discourage you to do any business with Butterfly Labs whatsoever. Worthless product, horrific customer support, extreme delays. There was literally nothing good I could say about my experience with them. Beware.